Behind The Tracks: Humanfall - Too Fast (Single) (2024)

Too Fast is the third single released by Humanfall, a Melodic metal band from Warsaw, Poland. It is the first single that features the new vocalist, Remek Baczewski, who joined the band at the end of 2023, and it launches the band towards the first live shows and EP, planned to be released soon. As stated by the band, the song is about the human need to rush the future, without understanding that the journey is what makes life really worthwhile.
The pressure to reach a goal that is sometimes unattainable, high expectations that exceed reality, the inability to see the beauty in small things; these are all factors that block us from achieving our dreams and cause us to repeat the same mistakes, like a constant cycle.
The song’s message is to appreciate, value and be grateful for the little moments in our lives because those moments are what makes us all feel alive and human.

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