Behind The Tracks: Jenga Boys - Take My Hand (Single) (2024)

Jenga Boys is a new music project, created by several musicians spread around the world, with the intent to create music without any style in mind.

“The idea from the beginning is to gather ideas and see how it goes. To define if this music project is a rock or hip-hop thing is really hard. “ Says Marcos Cesar the producer and one of the creators of the project. “This first song is in a rock/hip hop catchy vibe, but the next one might be way different. The idea here, is to go far in our imagination”.

The band joined forces with some amazing musicians and producers like Tayh (the Brazilian singer/producer) and Vladimir Belik (the Ukrainian singer) on the vocals, Kleber Sampaio (Brazilian singer/musician), on the bass, and Keys, Lukas D. (Argentinian musician) on the guitars and came out with this first song. “Take My Hand was initially to be an English song all the way. With the time it made sense to turn and be a bilingual force of nature.” End Marcos (writer, producer, and mixer of the song).

“Being the first song of the project, it made sense to be a good vibe song with uplifting words, hope, and strength to give. The words force the idea of not giving up on the bad things of your life, but rather focusing on what we can do if we surround ourselves with great vibes and good people. Our mentality has a great way to show us the path if we want to see it.” Say, Marcos.

The song is already available in all digital stores.

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