Behind The Tracks: Leo Maia - Passive Genocide (Single) (2024)

Lyrics story:

The verses tell the story of a greedy masked tyrant who makes use of constant lies to manipulate the poor population, leading them to their own graves. The lyrics employ metaphors around farming, where fields are used to sow souls and reap wealth. Negligence, manipulation, and lies generating massive graves constitute the main image of a passive genocide that the music addresses as a form of political critique.

Song inspiration and meaning:

This song was directly inspired by real events. More precisely, the political approach to COVID-19 in Brazil alongside other parts of the world. I was deeply impacted when I saw the photo of open-air mass graves in Manaus (a city in Brazil), a direct consequence of lies and negligence, which I interpreted directly as a large farm where the poor paid the price for the rich to stay rich. The idea of planting souls to reap wealth, which is the main premise of the song, became clear to me.

Track summary:

"Passive Genocide" is a tale about moral decay stemming from political turmoil. With vocals spanning 4 octaves, complex rhythms, and ethereal violins, this blend of rock and progressive metal explores the darker side of human nature. The lyrics address systemic issues plaguing society through an epic musical experience. A song that undoubtedly sparks meaningful conversations!

Stream "Passive Genocide" here.

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