Behind The Tracks: Our Frankenstein - Judas Dance (Single) (2024)

In July of 2022, I had just come off my first-ever national tour with the band Psyclon Nine. During the duration of that tour, it had become quite clear to me that I would be working with Nero Bellum on the next Our Frankenstein record. We bonded purely off of a love for dark music like Christian Death and Bauhaus so much so that we began the footwork for the new album shortly after that tour ended. I think we both knew what each other wanted so much that we didn’t want to waste any time beginning work. Over the duration of a year, we began piecing together what would become Our Frankenstein’s third album (title TBA). During this process, I found myself frequently listening to artists like The Weeknd and The Cure. I’d like to think the polarizing styles that both artists have leaked into some of the newer work I created.

Early on in the recording process Nero and I found ourselves becoming very fond of a simple bass and guitar progression. Within hours ‘Judas Dance’ was born instrumentally. After working on a handful of instrumentals with Mr. Bellum I took my new material back to Southern California (where I reside) to work on the new lyrics. What followed was a seamless and almost effortless writing process for the particular track. It felt very natural to write this song because most of the lyrics come from personal experiences.

‘Judas Dance’ is about the gutting feeling of betrayal. I’d like to think most people have had an experience where they were wronged by someone close to them. It’s never a fun situation to be in and it can make you feel helpless. In those moments I find that the best thing to do is to seek self-improvement. To find understanding from within. That’s always the best form of revenge because at the end of the day, you will inevitably be better than who you were the day prior. Although the concept for the song is rooted in despair it does have a positive message behind it all.

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