Track By Tracks: Malice Machine - Act Of Self Destruction (2024)

1. Bleed:

This is the inner workings of a serial killer's mind and don't we all occasionally feel that way towards some people.

2. Delete Me:

Feeling so useless or dejected that it sometimes seems easier not to have ever existed

3. Hyena:

Anger at society and especially its leaders for perpetuating a destabilized world

4. Shut Down:

When things get so out of control the best solution is to shut it all down

5. Slither:

These are the creepy visions from the caverns of a dark mind

6. Nothing Matters:

It's the realization that things didn't turn out the way you planned and the hopelessness that festers

7. Damaged:

An angry song of wrath about those who have done you wrong and letting it consume you

8. Prayer:

This is humanity's transition into a dark spirituality

9. Desolation:

Simply put, this is the bleak side of existence and the nothingness of it all

10. Living on Video:

This is a remake interpreted about social media becoming a toxic landscape

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