Track By Tracks: Ivy Gardens - Goon (2024)

12 Million Bar Blues, the opener, our instrumental odyssey. No words. Just riffs. Energy. Power. The introduction to our sound, the introduction to the experience. It sends you hurtling forward at a million miles per hour, until it drags you straight back down.

Boner is our very own feel-good hit of the summer. Opening with a relaxed groove that builds and builds to the heaviest possible climax, Boner has been a major highlight of our live set since it was introduced. Following the more relaxed pacing of the song, the softer vocal performance less seen in our music tells of a (seemingly) simple disagreement between two bitter individuals.

Chlorine is our oldest song to date. Written when we were just 14, it's a pure punk song that is full of energy the whole way through. Speed and intensity. Lyrically, the track details the human experience of chemical warfare.

Black Sand & Gold is an ambient soundscape, named after an old novel chronicling the Yukon gold rush. Vast, uncaring wilderness, biting frost, black sand, and gold are the visual references for this quiet, palate-cleansing track.

Lamb is our fastest and most aggressive track. Andrew screams commands: be a lamb, guide my hand. Rhythmically intricate at a breakneck pace, this track was one of the first written for the album, and the first to reach this level of sonic violence and belligerence.

Stoic is our most lyrically packed song on the album as well as rhythmically unique. Bouncing between hard-hitting dirges and quick, jumping rhythms, the song explores the perspective of someone with a lot of self-destructive behavior, who still manages to find peace through it.

Goon is a song that was written with the intention of being both rhythmically intricate, but ultimately danceable. Where the verses are filled with screaming lyrics from the point of view of a struggling addict, the chorus takes a more melodic approach, as the person in question experiences the ecstasy that comes with getting their fix.

Shattered Glass is a quick punk blaster that turns on a dime. The lyrics depict a specific scene of violence and gore, and someone’s attempt to escape a dangerous situation.

Provider, the record’s finale, is our stoner-doom sludge fest. A delicate introduction builds quietly, introducing its themes, until it all comes crashing down at an immense volume. We ride the groove out, and variations on its themes are introduced, until the pressure is released gradually for the final gentle climax. Lyrically, Provider is a song about struggling to abandon a substance you’ve formed a reliance on, trying to ditch the last thing that keeps you going.

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