Band Biographies: Deithesis

Deithesis are a classic style, heavy metal band from Ireland. Building on traditional heavy metal foundations, Deithesis incorporate the menacing edge of thrash along with the brooding atmosphere of doom metal and a slice of power metal. Guitar harmonies are woven into the heavy riffs to enhance the melodic nature of the material. All these elements combine to create songs laden with memorable hooks and catchy choruses.
The group draw influence from the dark heavy approach of Black Sabbath, the palm-muted crunch of Metallica/Megadeth, the dual guitar harmonies of Iron Maiden/Thin Lizzy, and the epic doom of Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus.
Deithesis are:
Allan Clarke – Vocals 
Darren Duffy – Lead/Rhythm Guitar 
John Rankin – Lead/Rhythm Guitar 
Kenneth Bell – Bass 
Michael McConnon – Drums

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