Track By Tracks: Mycena - Serendisarray (2024)

1. "Lacrima Futurum" is a song about the future and Nostradamus' predictions. The title, in Latin, means "tear of the future," suggesting that, judging by the current state of the world, the future will not be bright.

2. "The Long Conundrum" explores a state of consciousness in which cosmic chaos and cosmic serenity are in balance and cannot exist without each other. At the end of the poem, a riddle is posed, with the answer being the previously mentioned state of consciousness.

3. The third song, "Erato," features a wonderful interplay of all instruments, especially the synthesizer and saxophone. The name "Erato" refers to the Muse of lyric poetry, particularly erotic poetry and mimic imitation. The song suggests that love is the only way to grow, encouraging listeners to appreciate poetry and music and to experience love through them.

4. The song "Triangulus" is dedicated to Pythagoras and Pythagorean teachings.
5. "Equilibrium" speaks about living one's life by the four Stoic virtues: wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance. Together, these virtues imply a holistic approach to life that promotes inner peace, ethical behavior, and a commitment to personal and social well-being.

6. "Apatheia" is a term from ancient Greek philosophy, particularly associated with Stoicism. It refers to a state of being free from emotional disturbances and passions. In this context, it doesn't mean indifference or lack of emotion, but rather a balanced and rational state of mind where one is not controlled by excessive desires, fears, or other strong emotions. Achieving apatheia allows one to maintain inner peace and equanimity, regardless of external circumstances.

7. Angulimala is a figure from Buddhist tradition, known for his dramatic transformation from a ruthless bandit to a devoted disciple of the Buddha. The story of Angulimala teaches that no one is beyond redemption. Even the most hardened individuals can transform their lives through genuine remorse and the pursuit of a virtuous path. It emphasizes the power of compassion and forgiveness, both from oneself and from others, in the process of personal change and healing.

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