Band Biographies: In Shallows

In Shallows is a four peice metalcore outfit based in Keene, NH. With the release of their first single “Phantom Grace” in June of 2021, the band confidently planted themselves in the heavy music scene. They quickly followed it up in October with “Beneath The Surface”, a 5-track EP that delivers in-your-face breakdowns, heavy guitar riffs, and drumming that hits you directly in the chest. Paired with the ever so sweet mixture of scream and singing vocals, In Shallows was determined to drive their lyrics down their fans throats.
Following the success of their EP, the band was eager to push the limits a little further. They teamed back up with their producer/recording engineer Robbie Litchfield at Hell Here Studios where they recorded and released a cover of Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, which caught the attention of many new listeners. After playing along side acts as Saving Vice, ENOX, and If Not For Me throughout 2023 and with new music on the horizon, it’s safe to say In Shallows isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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