Behind The Artworks: Black Phantom - Horror Paradise (2024)

The author of the cover art is Jose Canales, an awesome artist coming from Chile. We're very satisfied and proud of his work, and we didn't have any doubt about it, as we have seen his previous works (he collaborates with a huge number of South-American heavy metal bands) and we knew that he always delivers fantastic art! We just had to give him a short brief, and he did it all by himself: since the concept that ties mostly all of the tracks of the album is the partecipation to Horror movies, we asked him to have our Black Phantom character in a proper terrifying setting, together with some serial killers coming straight from the films we have given the song to. So, you are able to see, among others, Sammy from 'HE KNOWS' and The Beast from 'NIGHT OF THE AXE'. The cooperation with Jose was something new for us, as we had another artist for the previous two album covers, but we are so happy about his artwork that we are really looking forward to work with him again for our next album!

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