Behind The Artworks: From Dying Suns - Calamity (2023)

After fleshing out the lyrical concept of the album, I started building a mental picture of the world the story takes place in. I knew I wanted the story to be linear, the same way you would progress through an old-school platformer. I've always loved maps and concept arts in video games, so I started doodling while basing myself on the world map from Castlevania Dracula X for the Super Nintendo and kept it in my back pocket for a while, using it only as a worldbuilding tool. When it came time to think about the album`s artwork, since every song follows a linear path, I wanted the art to reflect the journey of the protagonist. I wanted to see the elements of the world I made so that the listener could have an image of where he was in the story relative to the song he's listening to. And of course, since I went with the videogame aesthetic lyrically, we decided to go with pixel art. I gave my map to Étienne Jean and he totally understood what we were going for and knocked it out of the park. And finally, having the official artwork in hand, we asked Dominic Dionne to really go for the original Playstation aesthetic : black border, album name as if it's the game's name and some extra small logos to tie the knot. We are incredibly stoked on how it turned out, and having all that in a jewel case is just *chef's kiss*.

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