Behind The Artworks: Wound Collector - Begging For Chicxulub (2024)

The artwork depicts each song individually as well as depicting the title in general. In the background, you see prisoners in striped pajamas in lockstep-marching as it was used during the Auburn system. This penal method was introduced in American prisons around 1820 and was in effect until the mid 20th century. The burning boat is actually the USS Sultana. This was one of the largest boat accidents ever recorded in (again) American history but it was only briefly reported in the media because the people were fed up with reports from the Civil War during that time. The two-headed canine was the result of medical experiments by Russian scientist Vladimir Dhemikov who did these gruesome experiments in order to find ways for surgical organ transplantation on humans. Last but certainly not least is the comet that is falling from space to destroy the whole scenery. The comet Chicxulub set in motion the extermination of dinosaurs. In fact the album title is clear. Since our human race has been destroying our planet so harshly we are begging for another comet to eradicate all and a chance to start over again: Begging For Chicxulub.

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