Track By Tracks: Wound Collector - Begging For Chicxulub (2024)

1. River Of Scalded Corpses is about one of the largest boat accidents ever recorded in American history. This steamboat was overly crowded and the engines caught fire in the middle of the night. Estimated casualties were 1.167 but the press didn't pay a lot of attention to this event. The American population was already fed up with news about the Civil War. The event was overshadowed by the killing of the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Progress Through Dishonor is about the gruesome experiments by Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov in the first half of the 20th century. Most well-known is his surgical transplantations of dog heads on other dog bodies, thus creating two-headed animals that survived for a few days in extreme agony. However, his experiments did bring about much knowledge on organ transplantation in humans. One story about his experiments tells about the actual reviving of a human corpse, but the participating scientists were so shocked with the result that they allegedly destroyed all evidence and never spoke of it again.

3. Dehumanized By The Auburn System speaks of the horrific treatment of prisoners in American and British prisons throughout the 19th and partially 20th century. Prisoners were beaten with a special whip called the Cat o' Nine Tails and had to endure inhuman labor that was most of the time useless and irrelevant. We've all seen cartoons where prisoners had to hack up a big rock into smaller rocks but this was actually true. The smaller rocks were used for train rails. If the prisoners survived and got out they had many psychiatric problems and never made it back into society.

4. Chicxulub is the name of the comet that struck the Earth and set in motion the extermination of the dinosaurs, along with pretty much 75 percent of other life. After the impact of the given comet followed a period of years of volcano eruptions, forest fires, floods, and so forth in the northern hemisphere. A natural nuclear winter.

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