Behind The Scenes: SAINT DIABLO - Voice On The Phone (Official Video)

Zach San Pietro - Bass: One of my favorite moments was right after I did my individual (shoot). Standing next to my Dad and Ant (brother) all watching everyone was a moment I’ll never forget.

So that moment when Tito was singing with all his emotions and energy during the last chorus while watching, Justin came up and explained what the song really meant. Up to this point, I just assumed I kinda knew. I just didn’t know how deep the lyrics went, I saw it come to life literally in front of my eyes.

Awesome Ray Ray - Percussion: Brendan (director) was easy to work with and had the same amount of passion for film as if he were in the band. His assistant (Agnes Owusu) production assistant) was chill too. I loved watching everyone’s individual performances! It was to see everybody get their shine on.” 

It’s a beautiful thing watching people work on and follow their dreams.”  

Anthony San Pietro - Drums: It was great to have family to experience it with us. Brendan (director) and Agnes (production assistant) are really cool and made the whole process smooth and fun. We capped it off the day with grilled burgers and hotdogs haha!” 

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