Behind The Tracks: REVISER - ASSASSINS (Single) (2024)

The REVISER track ASSASSINS is an unrelenting, bass-driven, post-punk stomper, with a big, doomy guitar hook making a statement under minor-key darkwave synths. Evocative of early Sisters of Mercy and mid-career Depeche Mode, ASSASSINS is a song to “Dance Through the Dread”.

Originally penned during the end of the pandemic as an angry response to the political climate of the right-wing sprinting towards fascism, ASSASSINS isn’t about literal killing, but a call to figurative arms to resist external forces that seek to dehumanize our lives and communities. It’s precisely the kind of angsty anthem meant to inspire young and old alike to have the fire in their eyes to light up the dark against the forces of oppression, the chorus a recognition of that spark : “I see in your eyes, the moon shines bright”.

Whether on the dance floor or driving through the night to some adventurous destination, the minor-key melodies and propulsive groove of ASSASSINS is an enthralling entry into the world of REVISER.

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