Behind The Tracks: REVISER - BURN IT OUT (Single) (2024)

REVISER’s track BURN IT OUT is the twin-single of ASSASSINS, upping the ante on the driving bass by combining a claxon of bass synth with the punch and pull of the bass guitar. The song is an epic, of sorts, with multiple sections that explore different levels of intensity and instrumentation, creating a grand soundscape that covers multiple darkwave genres, reminiscent of Ministry and Sisters of Mercy with the big post-punk guitars and gothic synths. Written as an ode to the struggles that may arise within ourselves when utilizing our power and strength to accomplish great things, BURN IT OUT recognizes that with that power comes great responsibility. We can do wonders in this world, but at what cost to ourselves and others? Finding that balance is our duty, to evolve and use that power for good. And what better catharsis and meditation on the topic than to be able to dance to it? But more than dance, this song is meant to groove and stomp to, as well, with an intensity that verges on destruction, only to pull oneself back to the bring, arcing through the song to the same calm pulse it starts with, regulated at last.

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