Behind The Tracks: Scarlet View - The Chase (Single) (2024)

The Chase came up as a homage to 'chasing' after your goals, aspirations, (and... maybe some people...) until you see it through on the other side. Both fun and adrenaline packed in one perspective and serious about determination in the other, the song is a duality of sorts. "So addicted to the pain..." symbolizes the necessary love for the lows to experience the highs that always come back around in life.
(We also had a load of fun filming its music video at a real race track in Missouri and Bryce had NO fun at all... #sarcasm)
We believe SV is here to show up and provide the good vibes and good headbanging times for years to come. Music is all about connection and expression for us. We tackle serious topics in certain songs but we also let loose and have fun while doing it. Come dig a live show (on tour this Summer) and see what we mean! It's all one big music community and we just want to help uplift a few broken hearts, motivate, and enjoy life through a little positivity!

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