Track By Tracks: Graufar - Scordalus (2024)

1. Nyctophile:

Nyctophile features some gory yet poetic descriptions about the craving to drown oneself and the world in darkness and morbidity in order to regain solace for a troubled and depressed mind. Throughout the song the mood shifts between rough and atmospheric by the variation of aggressive riffs and melancholic melodies.

2. Intrusive Thoughts:

The topic of the song is exactly what the title indicates. The lyrics are about the dark thoughts everyone encounters in their lives, the sudden desire to do an irrational thing or try something abnormal just out of pure curiosity. As well as the fear of losing control of your own sanity and giving in to the evil inner voice. The song contains classic Black-Metal tremolo picking and a catchy melody on top of rhythmic riffing.

3. Lies:

Lies is about the resentment towards people who lack any form of critical and free thinking and feeling frustrated about humanity's stupidity overall. It's a fast Black/Trash track with a harsh punk attitude.

4. Authoritarian Scum:

The song is about the frustration of being imprisoned in a system that exploits humanity and prevents any form of individual expression for the sake of order and represents an open invitation for revolution. The lyrics are not too specific and allow room for own interpretation. The song has a captivating rhythm and a strong memorable Chorus.

5. Scordalus:

The title song has German lyrics and they are a bit more explicit than those from the other tracks. Scordalus is Latin and means “Zankteufel” in German, which meaning can be translated to a devil-like creature who likes to cause fights and therefore brings hate and the worst out of people. It's one of the fastest songs on the album.

6. Vendetta:

The track portrays Vendetta as the goddess of blood revenge. She occupies the souls of those who seek vengeance. Once you accept her help your mind gets slowly corrupted by her will. Your revenge will not be the satisfaction you have been seeking and you are trapped in an endless craving for blood. Vendetta is the longest song of the album. It contains lots of tempo and rhythm changes and also has a doom part in it. It perfectly rounds up the album.

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