Behind The Tracks: Vaquero - Stranger (Single) (2024)

Travis Presley, Vaquero: "Stranger" marks my debut as the frontman of a project. After searching for a vocalist to replace Nathan from my previous project, "You'll See One Day," for months without success, I felt disheartened and considered giving up on music entirely. However, Dean Wells (Teramaze), my producer, encouraged me to persevere. One evening, whilst blind drunk, I mentioned my past experience as a frontman for a metal band in Sacramento before my time with Burn Halo. After stumbling upon old videos from those days, Dean suggested I give singing another shot.
Originally intended for "You'll See One Day," "Stranger" had been written by Nathan with a different concept in mind. Nevertheless, I attempted to perform Nathan's version initially. On the first day, Dean recognized my potential and encouraged me to continue. It took about three months to rewrite the song with a new concept and to hone my skills as a vocalist. While I still have much to learn, "Stranger" has reignited my passion for music.

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