Band Biographies: Horse Of Troja

Horse Of Troja is a Swedish hard rock band originating from Märsta in the early ‘80s, a time when many prominent hard rock bands and musicians were emerging in the areas around Upplands-Väsby and Märsta.

After a hiatus, the band reformed, featuring three of the original members along with two new additions. Today, their members are spread out across Sweden, residing everywhere from Helsingborg in the south to Hudiksvall in the north.

Horse Of Troja's music is steeped in classic ‘80s hard rock, drawing influences from legendary bands like Whitesnake, among others. Their sound is a nostalgic yet fresh journey through the riffs and rhythms of a golden era of rock music, and they’re passionate about bringing this classic vibe to new and existing fans alike.

Horse Of Troja are:

Håkan Rudberg – Vocals 
Johan Isacsson – Guitar 
Johnnie Forselius – Bass 
Pertti Tikkanen - Drums

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