Track By Tracks: Royal Rage - Evolve (2024)

1. Dawn of A New Era:

This is the album intro, it was meant to give in the tone and bring in the atmosphere of the album. Ever since we heard the Kreator album Phantom Antichrist, we wanted to make a album intro like that.

2. Evolve:

To kick things off, Evolve takes you into a dystopian future where machines are evolving into something more powerful and taking control over human kind. Inspired by the infamous Skynet from the Terminator series, and also a reflection of the present days we’d say.

3. Into the Abyss:

This one was a hard one for me (Pedro) to write. I had to put the struggle I had with depression out of my system somehow, and this song was it. For many days I felt like taking the easy way out. It was hard, it left its mark, and this song is a reflection of what I felt during those dark days. If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from depression, please seek help. You are not alone on this.

4. Virtual Hell:

This one was inspired by the girls who go online to sell pictures of their most intimate moments. It may sound like an act of freedom at first, as most of these girls say it is, however, it doesn’t take long to realize that they become slaves of the web, forced to always show more and more, losing real connections and losing their privacy.

5. Cheap Addiction:

Ever felt like you’re spending too much time on your phone? This song is about it. It is easy to scroll endlessly through countless social media apps and lose track of time. Well, that’s due to the quick dopamine your brain gets out of it. It is easy to become addicted to the small joy of seeing a funny video and then scrolling down to the next over and over. I struggle with it, you struggle with it, everybody struggles with it nowadays.

6. Eyes Of Glass:

Ever felt like your phone is listening to you? Ever felt like you couldn’t trust the news anymore? Do you catch yourself thinking “Can I really trust this information?”? This one was inspired, not only but the present times, but also by the book “1984” by George Orwell.

7. Khan:

Ever heard about the Mongolian Empire? Also known as the “Scourge of god”, Gengis Khan was one of the most brutal conquerors of human history.

8. Bloodlust:

Funny to say it, but this song was inspired by the movie “Fight Club”. Ever felt like punching someone in the face because your anger was getting out of control? We feel you!

9. Lampião:

In de early 20th century, the northeast of Brazil was a dry land, forsaken by the government and by the law. Among the chaos of that picture, rises a “savior” to the people. Virgulino Ferreira da Silva (a.k.a. Lampião) was the most successful bandit of its time. Bringing hope for the people forgotten by the government, and striking fear to the unjust. This song is our humble tribute to the legacy of Lampião.

10. Real Dolls:

Ever heard of a story so terrifying that you simply couldn’t stop thinking about it? This is it. Once we heard of the Deep Web story about the mad doctor who took girls out of the orphanage to turn them into sex slaves in the most sadistic way possible, it quickly became a song, although no one is sure if the story is true or not.

11. Disease and Decadence:

Talk about crazy times, the pandemic sure left its mark. We can’t talk for the rest of the world, but here in Brazil, we had quite a scene. From politicians saying you could turn into an alligator as a side effect of the vaccine, to apes taking over buildings, we surely had quite a ride.

12. Your Brain Will Fall:

This is one of those songs that you’ll want to send to your “enlightened” friends. Those “awaken” or “open minded” people or flat-earth believers should be more careful because when you open your head too much, your brain might just fall off.

13. Seize The Pain:

This one I (Pedro Ferreira) wrote after a tattoo session. And it’s about that, you know? Getting tattoos. Enjoying the pain of the needle leaving the ink on your skin. Kind of dark to say “Seize the Pain” until you know it’s about getting a tattoo.

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