Behind The Tracks: Chiral - In The Company Of Wolves (Single) (2024)

"In The Company Of Wolves" is a dark, haunting song inspired by the initial call and response between the Bass and Guitar that set the tone for this song and shaped how the lyrics and story unfolded, as it had a very dark fairytale vibe. The lyrics tell the story of a vulnerable character navigating a perilous world, drawing on the symbolism of Little Red Riding Hood, with the wolves representing danger and deceit.

Set in a mysterious forest of hidden threats and secrets, the narrative builds to a climax where the protagonist, pushed to her limits, seizes a moment of empowerment.

The imagery of "50 seconds to shoot your shot" and "blood red revenge" underscores her reclaiming agency through violent retribution, ultimately ending her torment. The song encapsulates survival, resistance, and vengeance against predatory forces.

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