Track By Tracks: DUNE - Years Of Chains (2024)

1. Sieve:

The song starts with a very ominous and dreadful bass line along with guitar effects to introduce the journey of the EP and gives the feel of something bad is about to happen which exactly introduces the song's subject being the antichrist's arrival and the horrifying things that he will do ( the song speaks in his tongue )

2. Reject:

Though Reject name and feel at the first parts of the song would give you a feel that the song is about being a reject or a relationship reject , it actually speaks about an urban legend in saudi particularly in Riyadh , there is a small graveyard with only 7 graves and the there is no door to enter and it is literally in the middle of city towers , sky scrapers and advanced buildings, the story goes that there was an apartments building at that location and at one of the apartments found 7 dead bodies with unknown cause of death ( guys and girls ) , when they were buried for some reasons their bodies were found thrown out of the graves , and it happened every time they get buried, the case was taken to a religious shaikh for advise and mentioned that great evil was upon these souls and they died while something really bad and evil was being practiced, he advised that the land is rejecting them and only way is to bury them at the same spot they were found , based on this the building was demolished and they were buried at that spot We have went to that grave yard and actually jumped over the wall to look at it and get a feel of the story (around 2004)

Truth or just urban legend, its a very interesting story and we felt to speak about what they saw in their last moments and looking at the face of death taking their souls

3. Insidious:

"Insidious" delves into deep personal matters. it is a journey that presents personal struggles in relation to toxic people and the pain caused.

4. Refuge:

"Refuge" is highlighted as a song with punching music and demonic verses. What inspired the aggressive tone and lyrical content of this track?

Refuge is basically a story of a guy who’s dying, stuck in hospital on a bed, truth is he is dealing with demonic possession and everyone was thinking that he is sick and no one knows this truth but him, the demon takes over at the final part of the song and ending his life

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