Track By Tracks: Cyanate - Cyanate (2024)

1. Before the Dawn:

Instrumental opener

2. Mutiny:

Our opening track "Mutiny" is largely based on the idea of rebellion against oppression. We wanted this song to capture that build-up feeling within contemplation before action. What's a better way to open an album than with a song about buildup.

3. As Gods:

"As Gods' was heavily influenced by that "old school" feel of heavy metal with a big emphasis on the choruses.

4. Angel Throat:

"Angel Throat" is about unhealthy relationships, surrounding extreme narcissism. It has an interesting shift of perspective between the victim and abuser throughout the song with a strong resolution at the end. This song has a modern feel that's influenced by prog metal.

5. Ashes of the Past:

This one is about addiction and the chase to get your fix. It covers burning bridges within our lives in that desperation and the single-minded intent from desperation.

6. Drag you to Hell:

"Drag you to H-E- double hockey sticks" is one of those songs with a catchy chorus that hits especially hard live.

7. Hatred Incarnate:

This song is one of our longest and comprises many parts, all working to make this song a hard-hitting, heavy, and brutal song for those who enjoy a more death/thrash sound. The context of this song is about the progression of anger and stays true to that feeling throughout the track.

8. War Rages:

"War Rages" is a song with mixed influences of modern and power metal. Big open choruses, hooky sing-along parts, and lyrics about the horrors of war. The song centers around the idea that the people who cause war are not the ones who fight them.

9. Disinfotainment:

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy - Wake up.

10. Echo Chamber:

This song was written about the danger of confirmation bias and how we all are part of individual Echo Chambers and highlights the danger of seeking validation for our own ideologies. The use of synth in the song is representative of the hypnosis the media puts us in - eventually leading to the self-discovery that in an age of information, we can break out of the shell of the Echo Chamber, and seek information from other sources while being open to the beliefs of those around us.

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