Behind The Artworks: DI AUGER - Under The Skin Of The World (2021)

I wanted to create something completely different than anything I’d done before. I wanted to project the concept of the album, the politics and controversy, and also give it that “METAL” look to exemplify further where the sound was going. Oh, and it had to be “cool”, something I could look at and say – yeah that’s the piece I’m looking for. The physical medium was acrylic paint on Acetate, with marker renders and laid overtop of newspaper clippings finished with a rust and decayed look. I went through several revisions in photoshop to find the right font, something that fit. I strayed from the identifiable “DI AUGER” logo and chose something that fit more with the artwork than the brand I was selling. In lieu of this major identity change I went with the DI AUGER logo on the back cover to retain some consistency of product design. The message in the visual language was to be that here is something within the world, (encompassed by the newspaper articles and headlines) that is ugly and lies just below the surface, or under it’s skin.

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