Track By Tracks: Fracture Mechanics - The Azathoth Suite (2022)

The entire EP walks through the journey of one man who at first, in the song My Purpose, is visited by dreams of an entity that resides in the outer rims of the known universe. This entity is called Azathoth. These dreams drive him to find out more about Azathoth and leads him to joining a cult of Azathoth followers.

The cults main goal is to awaken Azathoth from his slumber. Everything that exists in the universe only exists within Azathoth’s dream. Azathoth is surrounded by demon entities that play a tune or otherworldly sounds to keep him sleeping, which in turn keeps the universe existing. If he is awakened from this dream, everything will cease. The followers are on a nihilistic mission to ultimately awaken Azathoth. This is described in the song ‘Deserving To Die’. The devout followers of Azathoth want to stop the wretched sounds and awaken the Blind Idiot God.

Near the end of ‘Deserving to Die’ and in the beginning of ‘So Far From Home’ the followers of the cult are transported from Earth to the place where Azathoth resides.

Here they describe the demons they encounter that are keeping Azathoth asleep. By the end of the song they are convinced they are able to complete their primary goal and reach their destiny by awakening Azathoth.

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