Band Biographies: Aztlan

The band formed in 2018 and mixes Mexican folk music with the sound of metal. The concept of Aztlan is to expose the Mexican culture from ancient times like Aztecs and Mayan to the present day with the sound of Mariachi and Prehispanic Music through a world full of mysticism. The image of the band evokes the traditional ‘Day of the Dead’.

The group released their first album, Mexico Inmortal (2019), and it explored for the first time the mix of acoustic and electric sounds, evoking the old Aztec dances with an aggressive sound. The following album, Legion Mexica (2020), showed the mix of mariachi becoming more and more noticeable in each of the songs with ancestral stories such as the Mictlan forming the themes. The Mictlan is the Aztec underworld, the City of the Dead, it is the place where they have to go through nine levels until they reach eternal life in the presence of Mictlantecuhtli The Lord of Death.

Aztlan completed their 3rd album, Revolución, in 2021 and will be released via Sliptrick Records this year.

Aztlan are:

Gral. Centauro – Vocal 
Attila – Vocal/Guitar 
Muerto – Guitar 
Jaguar – Ancestral Instruments 
Cuauhtli – Percussions 
Katu – Bass 
Diablo – Drums

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