Behind The Artworks: Cruentus - Fossilized (2022)

We had a vision and some ideas regarding the artwork for our second album, Fossilized. Luckily enough the guy who made the cover artwork for our first album (Night Embrace Me), William Persson Öberg of Obscenum Art, had an somewhat finished painting that matched what we were going for pretty well. We talked to him and made some adjustments and added/deleted some details from the original painting.

Most of our lyrics are dark and we wanted to have some kind of darkness involved in the artwork. It’s more or less a path leading to something unknown and dark. You can see it for what it is or visualize something more personal if you’d like. We don’t want it to be picture clear, it should be up to the eye of the beholder. We only want to put your thoughts in one direction and then you’re left alone to see where that path is taking you.

The album title came to us through a review of our first album. We talked it over and have had the title in the back of our heads for almost a year before the album was completed.

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