Behind The Tracks: Andrew Thomases - You Have One Job To Do (Single) (2022)


My younger brother died of kidney cancer in December 2020. He was always looking out for other people and trying to make the world a better place. He would make sacrifices for friends, mentor others, and always tried to pay it forward. After his death, I wanted to honor him with a song that embodied his giving spirit. “You Have One Job To Do” is that song.

The song encourages everyone to think about an inner philosophy where your goal is to leave the world in a better state than when we entered it. That is really our one job in life. At the end of your days, will you look back and realize that you contributed to society in a positive way? Did you do nice things for others? Are you a steward of our planet and all life on it?

In some ways, the song title is a play on the prototypical meme, where there is a video of someone messing up with the caption of “you had one job to do.” I turn that joke on its head, admitting that, in fact, we really only have one job to do in our lives. That is improving the lives of others. And, don’t mess that up.

The song is an interesting combination of genres. The beginning and verses have a reggae sound, with off-beat bass, guitar, and drums. The chorus and bridge have more of a rock sound, with heavier guitars, some power chords, and a groovy bassline. There is also a guitar solo in the middle, with some bends and slides.

We all have one job to do now, one life to live, so make sure everything you do is somehow positive. Enjoy!

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