Track By Tracks: Awaken The Misogynist - Descended From Vast Dimensions (2022)

1. Slamertainment Tonight:

After the album was done recording and I was mixing, I had the idea to start the album out with an intro song that not only I told a short description of each of us but with heavy doses of humor that had me struggling to record it without laughing!

2. Resurrection I – Thirteen Bodies:

I took a traditional gory horror movie approach in writing this song. Collecting bodies and sewing them together takes it to the next level! When I was about half way through the lyrics I realized it was gonna be a two partner that explains what this gruesome twosome is up to!

3. Leeched:

This track is right out of Starship Troopers with the theme being a Horde of alien bugs invading earth. The humans are used only as vessels for the young larvae to feast on and grow in. Who feels itchy?!

4. Breeding Violence:

Back to the classic horror! This one was definitely the most fun to write! A story of a young abused child who grows to have a twisted need for revenge and blood! The ending of the story always leaves a grin on my face because not enough horror movies have those brutal endings!

5. The Cleansing Of Ignorance:

In the green corner, From Parts UNKNOWN, we have THE GODHAND! An interdimensional being of energy beyond the compression of our dumb brains! Weighing in at nothing at all and equipped with the power to end it all, we will do our best to disappoint it!

6. Crimson Horror:

In a more primal vein, this song is about being a Bear in the earlier times of humans. After having it's young massacred it ensures a journey of blood, screams, and decapitations! The strength of retribution for its youth cannot be stopped!

7. Tsuchigumo:

Imagine being in the world of Dark Souls. Every night you hear the scrapping on your roof. The tapping at your window. You know what's out there in the night. The sun's going down and the forest is darkening. Can 2 legs out race 8?

8. A Satan Rose:

More storytelling! This one is about a child walking home from school and finding a seed he believes will result in a rose. That would be a perfect gift for a newly grieving widowed mother, right? Not if it's attached to the 9-story resurrected corpse of her husband!

9. Infinite Regression:

Gotta have a zombie track! My take on how zombies would happen wouldn't be a virus, monkey pox, or some curse. In this version, we dumb ourselves down through our own doing into a horde of unaware salt that destroys the little good left on this earth!

10. Resurrection II:

Reigning Terror Yea buddy! Game time! After our mysterious killer sewed together its beast and resurrected it and itself through suicidal blood magic a rampage on the earth ensues! A beautiful disaster that leaves the earth looking like a Waffle House on a Friday night. Scattered, smothered, and covered.

11. Kantstepated:

This song was done with vocal patterns only so no formal lyrics were written or performed. I drank a few brews and dabs then just went off complete dummy style just having some fun!

12. Abuse Of Consumption:

I let my misanthropy really soak into this song. We had to end everything on this note. Almost all the problems we face in our life is made because we are ANIMALS acting like we are not, blindly destroying the world that has graced us with life. Shame on us. "We are poison"

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