Behind The Tracks: Liminal - BORN2HATE (Single) (2023)

"BORN2HATE" was a song I [Wesley] had wanted to write for a long time, it was originally a song I was writing for a project where I wrote from the perspective of a serial killer. Hate’s odd story is about a SK whose ever-growing disdain for the world led him to do horrific acts, acts that made him feel stronger than everyone around with references in the chorus “Who can stop me now? Who will bring me down?” This perspective comes from his thoughts on his deathbed as he’s being given a lethal injection with the lyrics “Pump me full of barbital, Eradicate my blood”. The story visually would follow him in the bed being injected as he thinks back to his triumph in evil and what led him to be where he is mental. I think the theatrical view behind the song gives it such a thoughtful feeling while still being straightforward. For the common deathcore/metal fan it may just be a song about metal things but for those who dig deeper, it’s a concept that can paint a vivid film in your mind line by line. Thankfully I was able to integrate the song into Liminal’s catalog when I joined but if given the chance the project it was intended for would have haunted people.

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