Track By Tracks: Icestorm - The Northern Crusades (2023)

1. Crusaders Of God:

[Introduction To The Crusaders]

In this track, we find the beginning, the context of what we are going to find. We are going to enter the world of the Teutonic order and the pagans and go back in time to the days before the battle of Lake Peipus, in the year 1242. For this, the voice of Mark McCauley and his brilliant interpretation guides us there.

2. Across The Baltic Sea:

[Ascent Of The Northern Campaigns]

This song tells the story of the arrival of the Teutonic order to the Baltic countries, it is told from the point of view of an external narrator but also from the point of view of the Teutonics. It is explained that they did not have it easy since the warriors they found there were fierce and fearless.

3. The Iron Fist On The Lance Shaft:

[The Teutonic Knights March To War]

This is a German folk song composed by Robert Götz & Willi Nufer (1921) with the title “Die Eisenfaust Am Lanzenschaft”. It was a song dedicated precisely to the Teutonic order, an heroic vision of these knights is distilled in the song along with a catchy and singable melody. All these elements made us decide to make a metal version, ready to be sung by hordes of metalheads at concerts.

4. Night Before The Battle:

[Bonfires, Prayers And Songs At The Teutonic Camp]

Here the imagination can run free, but our idea was to describe with music an atmosphere of partying and disconnection before the battle in the Teutonic camp. Bonfires, alcohol, laughter, and a brotherhood united with one purpose, to annihilate those who oppose them.

5. The Power To Fight:

[Peipus Lake April 5th, 1242 - Dawn Of The Battle Of The Ice -]

April 5th 1242, this is the dawn of the battle as told from the point of view of the Novgorodian side. That included not only pagans, but Orthodox Christians, Mongols, and people of different faiths fighting together against the invader. A call to courage, to fight for the defense of their land, and ultimately a war hymn to encourage the army against the feared Teutonic cavalry.

6. Clash Of Titans:

[The Battle Begins]

The battle begins, led by the young Alexander Nevsky. The sky is gray, and the floor of the frozen lake trembles from the cavalry charge. Spears fly and the snow and ice turn red. Above all prevail the courage to defend the land from the invaders. In this case, we observe the beginning of the battle from the point of view of the defending side, the Novgorodians.

7.The Teutonic Charge:

[Bishop Hermann Of Dorpat Leading The Charge]

We change the point of view here and go to the Teutonic side led by Bishop Hermann of Dorpat. Under the cross and in defense of Western Catholicism, united as a spear, their only intention is to destroy those who oppose them. The cause is worth it, honor must be earned. We find in this track, a flashforward, towards another battle, the battle of Grunwald, which meant the defeat of the Teutonic kingdom. Probably the wildest song on the record.

8. Novgorod Arise:

[Defeat Of The Teutonic Knights]

We return to Novgorod, the town that was united under the leadership of Alexander Nevsky who after this battle became a legend. The battle has clearly shifted to the Novgorodian side, but the job still needs to be finished. Pursue and prevent any possible escape. Novgorod fought to the last and prevailed. Victory horns blew, swords flashed to heaven, and finally, Novgorod rose.

9. Triumph Of The Pagan Warriors:

[Lament For The Fallen ones]

When the battle ended, only desolation, corpses, and destruction remained, but the souls of those who gave their lives to defend their land would forever become immortal. Triumph of the pagan warriors is a lament to the fallen, already turned into heroes, and a hymn to the fire that went out inside them and that was responsible for leading his people to final Victory.

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