Behind The Artworks: Violet Blend - My Head Is Broken (Single) (2023)

The cover art represents a transorbital lobotomy. This psychosurgical intervention was used to treat psychiatric diseases in the early 20th century and transformed people into docile, absent, numb individuals with a tendency to inertia, emotional sleep and a restriction of intellectual abilities.

The artwork portrays the silhouette of Giada's profile in the act of undergoing a lobotomy. The song describes the feeling of numbness, emptiness, dizziness, confusion, like you are sleeping with your eyes open and you blame yourself for not being able to wake up. Lobotomy made patients fall into these absent moods, and made them become empty boxes unable to think or act, it resulted in a decrease in spontaneity, responsiveness, self-awareness, self-control and initiative. The artwork simultaneously portrays the cause and effect of emotional and mental sleep, exasperating the concept, the music and the lyrics describe the sense of a deep inner wound. Giada says about the song: "There are days when I find myself staring into space, without the strength to be able to think, thoughts get confused and I feel like a broken machine that no one is going to fix. This song is about all those days.”

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