Behind The Tracks: Lilac Kings - Sick Set Bro (Single) (2023)

Daniel McBride of Lilac Kings: This song was extremely cathartic for me. I began writing about a lot of things I'd been facing over the last few years in the music scene. Locally in particular. I had people writing me off before even knowing me based on other individuals' perceptions. There were people actively trying to spread rumors and undermine me, who later came to apologize but the damage was done. And I had individuals pretending to support me to my face, often saying things like "sick set bro" when we were done playing. It was a really dark time for me. But it was in these times that I reached out to the dear friends I'd made elsewhere on my journey. They too had similar experiences. So I shifted the chorus to a rallying cry with my friends and other creatives who I felt had faced similar issues as a result of others' "competitive" nature.

As for piecing the music together, I had written this cool tapping riff in 7/8 that I built off of. The chorus really came to life after Michael put his drums to the song, they really drive the energy behind it. Caleb's thick bass chords on the bridge under Daisy's part really make the part feel huge. We've toured with I Met A Yeti and had been friends with the group for a bit so when we wrote this song, it made sense to have Daisy hop on it. We knew she'd absolutely nail the part and she absolutely did.

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