Track By Tracks: John DeMena - Dreams And Lies (2023)

1. I the People:

The inspiration for this song comes basically from the concept of how I wanted to present myself musically to the world. As the song that opens a debut album, I wanted to work well that first impression effect that is created when you listen to a new artist or band. I wanted the song to start with an epic and hypnotic setting, where the intensity and tension would build until it exploded into a visceral riff full of energy.

2. Turn Me Loose:

A classic rock type of tune driven by a bold guitar riff from beginning to end. The song is pure energy and is one of my favorite guitar riffs of the album. It’s one of my favorites to play live because both the intro, guitar slide, and solo are solo are pure dynamite.

3. Eternal Eyes:

The first single of the album. A hypnotic song that combines the best elements of guitar- driven rock and wonderfully atmospheric and passionate songwriting. When I wrote this song, I envisioned an ethereal universe driven by an addictive bass line that builds in tension and then bursts into a majestic yet edgy beast with tons of energy and emotion. The music video was created by the amazing Indian animator Ishan Shukla and has won several awards and earned multiple nominations too.

4. Bring out the Rock:

A somewhat groover and funkier song that mixes a razor-sharp type of classic rock guitar slide riff with thick slap bass lines and a heavier type of breakdown and ending.

5. Dreams and Lies:

This is the first song I wrote for the album and the one that kind of showed me the artistic direction and lyrical narrative of it. I’m very proud of this one as it pushed me beyond my artistic boundaries and taught me to not set creative limits and explore my entire musical palette. In “Dreams and Lies”, I have come to sing from the lowest notes of my register (verses) to the highest (chorus). The guitar also goes from a sweet and hypnotic sound to heartbreaking and powerful parts. The bass line I composed is one of my favorites too.

6. No Looking Back:

A song about letting go of and not thinking much about previous life choices as the title suggest. It’s simpler, leisurelier, and more pensive, with trippy guitar effects, an intro, and lovely vocal harmonies.

7. Angel City:

A high-energy type of song about the dark realities of the city of Los Angeles that mixes Southern rock and 1990s grunge to great effect. This tune features a stellar guitar solo from guest axeman John Ziegler (from the L.A. all-star band Volto!).

8. Infinite At All:

A moving and passionate ballad type of song that features my favorite solo of the album. Quite expressive and emotional. It’s a song about a sad story that people closed to me went through and that somehow permeated my artistic psyche and found its way into this album.

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