Track By Tracks: Puerignis - Sons Of Abomination (2023)

His new work is the album Sons of Abomination, now available on all streaming platforms through Coffin Joe Records. The full contains eight brand new tracks, which combine elements of extreme metal with the sophistication of classical music, in an original approach to modern symphonic black metal. Featuring the tracks "Technological Caprice", "Virtual Luxury", "A.I (Cyber Apocalipse)", "The Wolves and Snakes Reunion", "Total Disconnection", "Sons Of Abomination", "Screaming of the Abyss" and "Technological Symphony ", the album features a variety of sounds and themes that reflect Puerignis' artistic and creative vision. The album's impeccable production highlights Nelson Rodrigues' skill as a composer and arranger, offering an extreme and emotional musical experience. Sons Of Abomination is an album that redefines modern symphonic metal, fusing classic elements with innovative guitar and production techniques. The songs feature a unique blend of aggression and sophistication that takes the genre to new heights of creativity. The release of the album marks a new phase in Puerignis' career, which stands out more and more as one of the most interesting and innovative bands in the extreme metal scene. Sons Of Abomination is a musical work that deserves to be appreciated by all music fans looking for something different from the conventional. With Sons Of Abomination, Puerignis consolidates himself and shows that creativity and originality are the keys to success in contemporary music. The album is available now on all streaming platforms, and promises a lot with its unique and innovative approach to the genre

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