Track By Tracks: Evnen - Amygdala (2021)

1. Amygdala:

This song was crafted by our sound and musicality evolution through these years since the conception of EVNEN. It could be our “OPERA PRIMA” since it has everything we wanted in our songs; energy, harmonic passages, mid tempo, growls, screams... Definitely is the perfect song that would describe EVNEN. The lyrics are related to memories and emotions which are located in the amygdala, some die hard Bloodborne fans (PS4 Game) might find some references.

2. Suffering:

The first version of this song was released in our first EP Act.I. However we always wanted to re-record a more brutal version that matched the current sound of the band. This song is pure energy and power and it has been one of the fans favourite to play live since day one.

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