Band Biographies: VORDONA

Reigning from the Hudson Valley Region of New York, Vordona is a contemporary progressive metal outfit focused on delivering dark and dynamic tones, emotional lyrical concepts, and unique experiences. Their sound has been referred to as ‘raw with a polished production’ by countless listeners. As a two-man team, Pavlo Mysak and Tony Ricci joined Talents in 2021 with a vision to create a distinctive sound that will not only fulfill their own musical inclinations but one that will also intrigue many.

They recognize that music has great potential in being a spiritual avenue for the world- and craft their work around that sentiment. With influences from both Eastern-European music and tradition, to contemporary hard rock and metal, this combination proves to generate a passionately haunting quality that is bound to captivate listeners and transport them to an introspective frame of mind.

From hard-hitting drums and distorted guitars to emotively powerful vocals and ethereal soundscapes, Vordona strives to create a limbo between intensities on both sides of the spectrum for the listener. With goals to expand its lineup and further diversify its influences in the time ahead, Vordona will continue to deliver these distinct experiences to its listeners, time and time again.

Vordona is:

Tony Ricci – Vocals | Pavlo Mysak – Instrumentals

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