Track By Tracks: VORDONA - Quadrivium (2023)

1. Dark Moons:

Dark Moons was the first song we ever wrote as a band. This song illustrates an apocalyptic scenario where a deadly pestilence destroys everything dear, leading to loss, ruination, and despair. The contagion advances, ravaging what remains, while darkness and merciless forces prevail.

2. Altered Perception:

Altered Perception was probably the song we reworked most. There were many changes that were made to this song, as well as tons of layers of strings and orchestra.

Lyrically, it delves into internal struggles and the feeling of being unheard. We seek to break free from our past, but face isolation and the burden of guilt. Regularly, we maintain a facade externally while battling inner turmoil.


Deliverance was our first-ever single and definitely a favorite track. The lush ambiance captured in the verses and subdued aggression in the chorus makes it a really captivating listen.

The song describes a personal journey of struggle and transformation; it emphasizes the importance of finding inner strength and avoiding the extremes of self-destruction or stagnation.


Recollection arose from the chorus riff. From there, the verses were constructed, and finally, (one of our favorite parts of the entire album) the middle section after the second chorus.

Recollection describes a poignant encounter between two individuals on the brink of an unknown end. As they journey towards a valley, the world around them fades away. In a moment of realization, the narrator attempts to hold onto their companion, only to discover they are no longer there.


Testaments may be one of our most complex instrumental arrangements. It was the last song we wrote for this release and we let ourselves wander into some new territory with it.

The song portrays a sense of triumph and sadistic pleasure as the narrator watches the world burn, attributing it to the failure of someone else. The narrator finds their own identity in this destructive process and reflects on the burden of time and its impact on the mind and memory.

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