Band Biographies: Wegferend

Wegferend invokes stories. The kind of which is told by a fireplace when, after a thunderstorm, the sky isn’t yet ready to let golden sunrays out. The band draws inspiration from many wells: neo-folk, traditional music from Europe and the East, progressive music, and several subgenres of metal.

En Autremonde - Chapitre Second

The Doors of the Autremonde are closing in on a darker and more sinuous second chapter. The band's metal and progressive influences are fully asserted and bestow strong intensity upon lyrics that evoke either the ancient beliefs of Old Mesopotamia, transcendence, or even rebirth in despair.

In a complex maze in which emotions intertwine and bleed into each other, where sounds are in turns rough and soft, where melodies are ethereal, and where screams are wrung out of the depths of the Earth, the Autremonde unveils itself. As a mysterious ideal anchored in humanity's jolts, unseizable yet real, it unfolds through the seven songs that make it up in order to provide its listeners with the spark of that which fills it with life in spite of all: Hope.

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