Behind The Tracks: Vivienne Cure – Without Me (Eminem Cover)

Vivienne Cure is a British-born musician and visual artist, her work has blended elements of experimental soundscape, doom metal, and alternative gothic rock. Her collection of musical works lay at the center of a vortex swirling fragments of deeply personal memories, driven by her inner conflict and her reaction to society's collective sadness. Delivering tasteful dark aesthetics with an eccentric horror appeal. Her previous projects have been featured with Kerrang! and Clash.

Her latest track is a doom metal reimagined version of the Eminem hit ‘Without Me’. Vivienne: “It was really interesting to deconstruct the track and reimagine it in this way, not only sonically, but lyrically reinterpreting to also explore a more dense feel. I have always been a big fan of Eminem, so it was fascinating for me to take this on!”

The visual concept in the music video explores patriarchal oppression and its effects on today’s society. A rebellion against female beauty ideals sees Vivienne, sans hair and armed with two human bones conducting her life’s orchestra. With a devil-may-care attitude, she runs a mock, narrative that women came from the rib of a man. The video concludes with Vivienne’s very own Sisyphus ……… Blood drips down her chin as she eats her own heart.

The track is co-written and produced with Meyrick De la Fuente from the band Exist Immortal and East London producer Joe Lyons (Ray Noir and Dead Cuts ).

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