Behind The Artworks: VORTEX - The Future Remains In Oblivion (2023)

The Future Remains In Oblivion is a conceptual album and there is a build-up in intensity and emotion that goes along with the storyline and the lyrics as you go from the first song to the last one. It’s an apocalyptic/action story with a philosophical twist, what is the importance and the place of mankind in the Universe? My idea was to make a post-apocalyptic version of our hometown’s downtown with its Cathedral and Concert Hall at the forefront. I asked Nathalie Poirier, a fan who’s a photographer, to take the picture and I sent it to Rudi Yanto with whom we usually work for our album cover artwork. I asked Rudi to imagine how this place would look like after an apocalyptic event, and this is what he came up with. The artwork is beautiful but it’s also frightening to us because this is our hometown, let’s hope this is not what the future holds for us.

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