Track By Tracks: VORTEX - The Future Remains In Oblivion (2023)

1. From the sun (5:24):

A natural cataclysm occurs, ‘‘death comes from the Sun’’. Important Solar Flares are scientifically possible, and we prefer writing about real possibilities instead of pure fiction. ‘From the Sun’ has an epic introduction and choruses. After the intro, when the vocals finally kick in for the verse, to us it sounds like something Fleshgod Apocalypse could have written.

2. Downfall (4:11):

After the cataclysm society collapses and we’ve read that there would be three stages in only three days if that were to happen for real, ‘’social order is a thing of the past, survival justifies the means’’. This number has some nice technical vocals, it's going all over in many different styles. It's one of the songs that are riff-oriented and thus less melodic with many fast blast beats.

3. The Fool (3:13):

Prior to the cataclysm, there is that guy who passes for crazy because he is hyper eco anxious. He is sure an important event related to ecology will cause society to collapse ‘’Follow me, I designed a future to escape disaster’’. This one is the most deathcore of the album, heavy and brutal, with no place for melody.

4. The walls (4:32):

Our Fool got all sorts of people to believe and follow him. Billionaires, soldiers, engineers, contractors, scientists, farmers, physicians, etc. They’ve put everything they’ve got into building a secret small city that is protected by a reinforced wall and an arsenal. Inside these walls, they have everything they need to survive any cataclysm and its aftermath. ‘The Walls’ verses have a strong orchestral melody underlying black metal riffing and vocals to create a unique feel. The choruses have some of our best orchestral writing with its predominant violon melody supporting powerful layers of guttural vocals. ‘The Walls’ has one of the best solos of the album, technical with lots of feel and melody.

5. Our possible end (4:23):

Outside survivors discover the city by chance. They are sick and deprived and they want in. ‘’ I can hear it coming from far again, the rumble of our possible end, a thud arising from the forest, the running of hundreds of men’’. This song is straight old-school death metal with orchestrations.

6. First blood (4:29):

This is war. They are coming again, but this time in greater numbers and much more prepared. ‘’This battle brought us our first suffering. In this battle, our first blood, our first deaths’’. This one has aggressive black metal riffing and vocals in its verses, atmospheric orchestral melo death in its choruses, huge choirs, and epic soloing, it has all that Vortex does at its best.

7. The future remains in oblivion (4:50):

‘‘Others might know about us, but we have greater concern, we may be the last to stand. We have prevailed but while we had the past and now the present, the future remains in oblivion’’. This is one of our favorites, it is heavy, tasty, and beautiful. It has the most complex structure of the album; it may take a few listens to get into but it’s a song that will stick over time. It is based around the orchestra and some technical playing and vocals; it is challenging to play live, and we get a kick out of nailing it.

8. When no more words will be heard (5:22):

What is the place/importance of mankind in the grand schemes of the Universe? ‘’When no more words will be heard, what will happen to the world, to the Universe?’’.

This song is different from the rest of the album. Most of it is composed of three orchestral melodies that were inspired by movie scores. It perfectly fits its philosophical lyrics and it’s a perfect closer with its feel of despair and grandiose finale. We are going to use this slower song to create some dynamics in the pacing of our live set.

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