Behind The Artworks: Voyager - Fearless In Love (2023)

Ashley Doodkorte (Drummer): My day job is graphic design. I've been doing graphic design for Voyager before I was even a member of the band!

Paradoxically, I think it's a lot harder to come up with artwork for your own music. You're so close to every note and you can always be the most unabashedly critical of yourself. Fearless in Love may have been the hardest job I've ever worked on. We generated so many ideas, went back and forth so many times, and pushed every part of the design up to the literal last minute of the label's deadline.

The cover art is meant to represent a love story - any kind of love story, or any point in time at that story. There are so many kinds of love: romantic love, platonic love, love for your friends, love for your family, love for your craft, unrequited love, love lost... and you can find love, lose it, just miss out on it, shut yourself off from it, surround yourself it. The cover could be reaching out to find love or could be letting go. The hands could be literal or symbolic. There are shades of light and dark in there, and the position of the text encourages you to view the design at different orientations to see the art differently. It's a massive change from what we usually do in Voyager, artwork-wise, but like the album, I'm super proud of it!

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