Behind The Scenes: SÖMA - Tudo Certo (Official Video)

The idea of the music video is to showcase the conflicts of living in a big city, where daily life becomes a struggle for people. Their feelings and emotions are always linked to places and individuals, and that's what defines "All right."

Sometimes, we have everything around us, but when we are not at peace within ourselves, nothing and no place will bring us peace. Says Thiago Pher, Lead Vocalist.

To elucidate these feelings, we created a music video with scenes under a viaduct, scenes of a couple in love at a playground, and scenes of the central character going mad inside an apartment. The set and lighting were inspired by the song's lyrics, all to reflect the central character's journey through their emotions with a scream of liberation.And all of this involves a lot of rock 'n' roll. Says Beto Marques, Bassist.

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