Track By Tracks: Kilmore - From The Inside (2023)


Tempest is about someone coming into your life like a hurricane. The song speaks about a mighty force finding its place in your life. Tempest was one of the hardest songs we wrote for this album, it took a while to get the groove, but when we did the lyrics came through easily. Dan’s main guitar riff really drives the song along and gives the vocals a good pocket to fall into. We felt it was the best song to introduce the EP with its groovy progressive feeling.


Omitted is about forgotten heroes and the internal struggles they face. Today we tend to forget about real heroes and idolize fame and fortune over everyday people who work their whole lives to help. This song was written with them in mind and turned out to be a unique, lower-key song on the EP. Neil (bass) shows a lot of elements to his bass playing in this song and Jon (drummer) really locks into the song, which brings out the best qualities of the guitar and vocals.

3. The Destroyer:

The creation of something evil can take a lifetime to develop. People destroying things for personal gain is not a rarity in this world. This song is about feeling an emptiness in someone and seeing them destroy everything in their path. Jon Landry (producer) helped steer us in a different direction with this song which brought out the intensity of the chorus.

4. Firestone:

Firestone is about feeling broken and alone and looking for the light through the darkness. This was an old song we rehashed when Jon (drummer) joined the band. The song moved in the right direction lyrically with the new groove and we felt like we had created a fierce and intense song. The video was filmed after a snowstorm and showcased a magnificent Canadian winter.

5. Underneath:

Underneath is about feeling isolated and heavy-hearted. Similar feelings were experienced by a lot of people over the past 3 years as the pandemic brought more isolation to everyone. The guitars were tuned down in this song to give it a sludgy sound. We had a lot of fun exploring different tunings on this EP and how it can change the feel of a song.

6. Rapture:

Rapture is a bit crazy and unhinged. We wanted this song to come off as the ramblings of someone insane with some wacky elements. Recording the vocals for this song was fun as I (Heather) could be erratic with the lyrics and vocals. Jon (producer) really encouraged us to think outside the box with this one. During the breakdown, at the end of the song, we really got creative on the sounds and brought in elements from other songs on the EP to fill in the insanity at the end.

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