Track By Tracks: Masada - The Blood Will Flow (2023)

The Blood Will Flow Ep is the first of 4 Ep’s telling the science fiction story of Fero-City.

1. Drowning In Lightning:

Drowning In Lightning is a song about being exposed to a pure form of energy that has the power to heal Injuries and illnesses. The energy is so powerful that your consciousness must be separated from your body to withstand the re-organization of your physical self at the atomic level. The pain of this process would be too much for anyone to bear.

2. The Blood Will Flow:

The Blood Will Flow is a song about a designed virus (known as The Shakes) that is used as a weapon to force people to come to Fero. It is a perfect design and Infection equals death if untreated. The only treatment is to be exposed to the Blue energy known as The Beam.

3. Run:

Run is a song about receiving treatment for either injury or illness in Fero and finding out that you cannot leave. The desire to escape tempts people to try even though they have been told they cannot survive outside of the reach of the beam.

4. Torn Apart At The Seams:

Torn Apart At The Seams is a song about someone who is accidentally exposed to the beam indirectly... It is an insanely violent experience described by someone who lived through it without being separated from their body. This is something that should not be possible but somehow still happens.

5. Fields Of Stone:

Fields Of Stone is a song about what happens when someone gets too far away from the beam. It’s about being paralyzed and unable to scream as the vultures circle and slowly land and begin to feed. These people’s bodies are left in the open as a warning.

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