Track By Tracks: SIDUS - Seismos (2023)

Stage I: Rupture:

‘Seismos’ is a three-song album that explores and embraces the intensity of earthquakes, while correlating them with the unsettling feeling of panic attacks. These natural disasters are breathtaking phenomena and are born in the deep layers of the Earth’s crust. They release all tension and power on the surface. ‘Stage I: Rupture’ is the genesis of an earthquake/panic attack. Energy is being concentrated around a stress point, which will cause a rupture in the future. This energy concentration is usually a slow and almost undetectable process…

Stage II: Seismic Wave:

Earthquakes travel through the Earth’s crust as waves. Energy is concentrated in the epicenter and subsequently, a fracture appears as the energy builds and disperses. In parallel, during the second stage of a panic attack, the person realizes several changes. The body begins to feel uncomfortable, losing some of its basic senses of orientation, sight becomes blurry and a sense of dizziness dominates. Pre-earthquakes occur as a harbinger…

Stage III: Seismos:

The calm before the storm. Loss of control. Finally, the explosion hits. Experiencing a complete mental and physical breakdown. Everything feels unstable, unsure, and impermanent. Time stops and you need to face your worst fears. Panic attack is finally realized. Carrying the scars of this life-changing experience as faultlines. However, even if an earthquake has the power to destroy its surroundings, we still find the strength to adapt and evolve, optimizing our survival mechanism.

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