Behind The Artworks: Rockin’ Engine - Altered By Evil (2023)

As we were searching for an album name that would reflect the dark matter of our compositions, we also wanted our album cover to showcase a horror vibe and catch the eye. I searched for many creepy clown ideas before realizing that a Jack In The Box would fit perfectly with our concept. Since our genre has evolved quite a bit from when we started in 2018, our new music has certainly come as a surprise for our current followers, and has also caught the attention of several new ones. Our drummer Joel Bilodeau helped out with the custom lettering of the band name, which is absolutely awesome! On the back of the album, I wanted something artistic and creepy at the same time. I came across this amazing circus tent with black balloons floating in the air and it just spoke to me. It was a perfect reference to our music video for “Carnival Of Evil”, the opening track of our album.

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