Track By Tracks: Rockin’ Engine - Altered By Evil (2023)

1. Carnival Of Evil:

Inspired by the works of Rob Zombie, more specifically Sid Haig’s fictional character Captain Spaulding, the Carnival Of Evil is a group of creepy gypsy-looking psychopathic killers moving from town to town, not only to amuse the audiences but also to terrorize them as their spectacles take place. They are ruthless yet charismatic, and they will stop at nothing to deliver a performance to die for!

2. Day Of Wrath:

This dramatic piece was originally inspired by one of my favorite horror movies, The Exorcist. However, it was only when I did some research on the origins of its musical score that I discovered the amazing historical value behind this masterpiece. Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, is probably one of the best horror movie songs ever written, but there were certain parts in the movie where I had the feeling I’ve heard similar music before and it got me curious. In fact, Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) was originally a poem written by Christian monks in the thirteenth century describing the day that God would descend on earth and unleash his final judgment on us all. This poem was later compiled amongst other literature pieces in a manuscript named Carmina Burana. The manuscript, which is thought to have been written in the fifteenth century, was only found in 1803 in the Benedictine monastery of Benediktbeuern, in Bavaria. This collection later inspired many orchestral virtuosos, including Verdi and Carl Orff, to compose what I think are the best classical works of all time.
3. Liber Ex-Mortis:

Inspired by the amazing Evil Dead saga, more specifically Army Of Darkness, Liber Ex-Mortis (Book Of The Dead) is the story of a man who was sent into the Middle Ages through an evil spirit wormhole and is forced to battle the undead in his quest to return to the present. He forms an alliance with two rival armies, and together, they vanquish the forces of evil to send them back into the Book Of The Dead, the spirit world.

4. Monsters Under Your Bed:

This is the story of a young woman haunted by her past, her imaginary monster. Being sleep deprived for a long time, she fears falling asleep as she constantly feels her monster’s presence around her. The monster, however, can only harm her in her dreams, her nightmares… or so she thinks! Inspired by the genius work of Wes Craven, Monsters Under Your Bed is our version of the infamous Nightmare On Elm Street. This piece is heavy, punchy, and catchy, and will satisfy the eyes and ears of any horror movie fanatic!

5. Psycho Path:

I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by human behavior, especially the deviant nature of humans. I’m a huge fan of serial killer documentaries, not because I support their actions, but mostly to try to understand the origin and the nature of Evil. Actor Christian Bale in his role in American Psycho is actually the main reason why I started learning more about actual historical psychopathic characters such as Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez. During the writing process of this song, I wanted to take a different approach to their stories and tell them according to their point of view, like an actual psychopath. It’s the most evil and disturbing song we’ve ever written!

6. Room 185:

Jack Torrance, the character played by Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, has to be my favorite horror movie character of all time. That performance is what made me addicted to horror movies. I wanted to write a song about this movie as an homage to this masterpiece. When we started to work together on this song, we soon realized that this would be our heaviest composition to date, and we needed someone to help us express this emotion in order to be satisfied with our work. After doing some research, we approached Insurrection’s lead vocalist Stef Jomphe in an attempt to have his voice on the track, just to make it that much better! We were absolutely honored and excited when he accepted the project and headed straight to the studio. This song hits you in a way that you have no choice but to headbang!

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